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​Help couples and make money!
50% on all Funnel!
More than $100 per Lead!

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About the Product

  • The Neuro Couple concept is the first solution based on brain science to help men and women to enjoy amazing relationships and dating.
  • Based on the latest Neuroscience it provides simple tips and tricks that everyone can apply daily, without becoming someone else, going through therapies, fighting in a divorce.
  • The entry product is the new "Is there a Brain in Your Couple ?" eBook. More than 110 pages for $17.
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    Next step in the funnel is the online training, a recurring income for you!

Why Should You Promote?

  • The Self Help / Relationship / Dating niche is an Evergreen one!  Everyone has relationships!
  • 50% commission on all sales in the funnel: eBook, Monthly Membership, Quarterly Membership ...
  • Neuro Couple is a growing concept and more products will be added! From the mobile app to the high end services!
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    You are going to help your leads to live better and won't just sell them some stuff!
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    Product in the funnel are priced from $17 to $56.75 (quarterly).

How to Promote?

The whole Neuro Couple is promoted through ClickBank. If you don't have an account yet, get your free one by clicking in the ClickBank Logo.

You can start promoting Neuro Couple by clicking HERE

Affiliate Promotion Tools

Here is a set of free guides you can use to capture your leads and offer them some free value content! All PDFs are original and written by me!

Files will download from Dropbox.

This free eBook helps women to better understand the men's brain and how to use this knowledge to live better relationships. 

This is  the perfect lead magnet for women.

Great lead magnet for men (as most people on online dating websites are men), as well as women.

Share with your audience the 4 secrets the brain is using to select the best partner on a dating website.

This is the best zero-bs way to create a great online dating profile.

During the summer the brain chemistry changes and helps better dating and relationships.

A great eBook to share during the summer.


Thanks for your interest in promoting Neuro Couple!

You can reach me at :

​Skype : thomastrautmann66

​Email : thomas at thomas - traumann dot com (remove the spaces)

Thomas Trautmann

Founder and Zombie

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