Did You Know That 85% Of Customers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations?

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The tool is called Online Review Machine and it helps you get more 4 and 5 star Google Reviews for your business!

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What if you could automate your review process for FREE? 

The Marketers Guide to Customer Reviews - Jon Hall

  • No more clients lost to the competition.
  • No more time wasted chasing reviews.
  • No more money wasted on useless ad campaigns.

97% of all people go on the web before finalising ANY purchase!

What if you could get monthly reports
tracking your review scores?

The Marketers Guide to Customer Reviews - Jon Hall

  • Your reputation is under your control.
  • Your budget is saved, using FREE reviews.
  • Your client base grows steadily!

73% of customers trust a local business based on its positive reviews!

What if you could control your clients' reviews?

The Marketers Guide to Customer Reviews - Jon Hall

  • You will use your built for you system.
  • Your clients will leave reviews in one click.
  • You will know precisely where your review stands.

68% of customers left a review when asked!

Do YOU want to be ahead of your competitors?
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Q. I have no time neither technical expertise for this, is that really simple?

A. YES! You don't need to! Everything is setup for you! The only thing you have to do is share the review page link with your clients. You can even have a page open on a tablet or smartphone and her them give your their review while they are still in front of you. 

Q. I need reviews above 4, what happens if they rate below?

A. YES! You need top reviews. The system will only let people give reviews equal or above 4 stars. If they want to rate you lower they will be sent to a support page. You can then see what needs to be improved. 

Q. I don't need reviews, am I wrong?

A. YES! Nowadays 97% of the people go on the Internet to check the products, services, they will pay for! Look around you! They are all on their smartphones! Even senior people use their PC to read reviews. You should get at least 50 reviews and an average score higher than 4.8 to be above the competition. 

Q. I don't think my competitors have reviews, do they?

A. YES! Of course they do! Some may not know it but most do! And work hard to get the most and best reviews to get more business from your clients!

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