Here are the tools I use to automate some important processes ... and some additional bonuses!

Keep the pressure, Keep smiling!

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60 Free Articles

Click here to download your set of 60 articles to create you content. This is what is called PLR (Private Licence Rights) content. Free content created by people you can use for your own.

This set of 60 articles is a first start for your blog, your emails and even to create an e-Book (you can use 5 to 6 articles to create a 15 pages or so e-Book).

Have fun!

Free Viral Traffic

Traffikr is a very cool product that allows you to post and share youtube videos on your WordPress blog/website and share them automatically to your social profiles.

This allows you to show your leads content without you doing anything. You select the channels or people you want the videos from and let Traffikr do the job for you!

I use it on all my websites/blogs! And get very positive comments ... which by the way drive more traffic ...more leads!

Forums List

One thing most "gurus" don't tell you is that there is no need to create "new" traffic. Your tribe is already existing and being used by others. Find it, engage with your tribe and hack competitors traffic.

Click here to access a list of forums and groups you should join to share in the Internet Marketing niche!

iMarketing Group

I would like to invite you to join the iMarketing Private Facebook group. This is only for the members I work with and coach towards building faster a bigger success online.

As you have attended the webinar you know you need to invest in yourself, this is one more step towards your freedom and you smiling!

To join now : CLICK HERE and ask for joining the group.

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

Additional Bonuses



Bonus #1

Running online without measuring the right metrics is like driving a car without knowing if the engine will explode and speeding with knowing it..

Most unsuccessful internet marketers focus only on how many clicks they get. This isn't enough and drives 97% to failure.

Learn in this free guide the most important metrics to track to ensure the success of your website!

Bonus #2

By now you must have been getting a good grip on the infamous e-mail list - get on your knees and praise Holly E-Mail List.

This is your key asset for doing business online. Once you have a stable e-mail list, with a tribe following you, you are ready to grow your sales like crazy!

This free guide will give you great pointers to what you should do to build successfully your e-mail lists!

Bonus #3

If there is only one book you can read this year, DotCom Secrets is the one! Not only will you learn everything about the Value Ladder you discovered in the webinar, but you'll also understand in-depth all what you should do to have an optimal online presence.

Learn from the best in this free Paperback book (you just pay for the shipment)!

Seriously, don't miss this opportunity out. Get it NOW!!

Bonus #4

Directly from the Funnel University by Russell Brunson get your free copy of the "108 Proven Split Test Winners".

Save time and use Russell's extensive experience when it comes to create pages, funnels that convert massively!

Do you know what colour a button should be? Do you need to go in-depth or just skim the surface on a sales page? Pictures? Videos? What sells best? Time to find out!

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