CF Viral Challenge

This is only for the real entrepreneurs, the ones who are ones or have the spirit of entrepreneurship!

The other ones please keep watching the TV.

Did you see the Squatty Potty or Poopourri commercial’s?

 Let me show you what I mean:

 31 Million view!!!! If that isn’t viral marketing what is? How would your life be with sooo many viewers?
One of my favorite companies, ClickFunnels, partnered with the guys who made those videos, and are trying to make their new video go “viral” (whatever that means)…
And they will even have the Guinness World Record people attend to see if they break the record!
I got them to hook us (you and I) up with a behind-the-scenes pass to watch them go viral (or die trying).
You can get your ticket here:
I’ll be watching it live, and hope that you do too!

 Talk to you soon!
PS – with all the hype around viral vidoes and the fact that ONE great video can explode a company’s business for years (at no cost other than creating the video), this will be a very cool experiment to watch!

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