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Here is a selection of the books you should read!

These books helped me save my business and as a horse fan to save my horse too. Whatever you have to sell to keep your business afloat you may want to get yourself a copy of these books! Some are even free (well, you have to pay shipment and delivery, but paying $7,95 or something like that, the shipment of a book with the tools to save your business, is an easy step!)

DotCom Secrets

The first book I started with and that helped me get my mind clear on how I should organise my online marketing was DotCom Secrets from Russell Brunson. You will hear his name a few more times as I love the way this guy changed my life!

DotCom Secrets is about funnels, sales funnels, of course you have heard about these. But do you know how to use these? How to set these up? Oh, by the way, do you have a value ladder? A continuity program? Do you know how to build your list?

Time to learn much, much more. Start by watching a short VIDEO, CLICK HERE, of me telling you why this is so important!

And then get your DotCom Secrets copy NOW! Not sure how many he has left. Could be none.

Expert Secrets

This is a book ANY entrepreneur, marketer, etc… anyone serious about being successful nowadays should read! It takes you from defining who you want to work with, why do you want to change their lives, to the whole content of your marketing through a set of steps YOU SHOULDN’T SKIP at any cost!

Expert Secrets is a book you should read at least twice! I am currently even building a blue print based on the book and will share it with you soon.

Do yourself a favour! Get this book NOW! CLICK ON the picture!

IM Profit Formula

Written by one of the youngest Internet Marketing Millionaires, Misha Wilson, this boo will teach you how to profitably build and grow your business online.

From my perspective the most important take away is that you shouldn’t focus on traffic but on follow-up.

Click NOW! on the book picture to grab your $7 copy!

More books to come soon!